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Secrets to Saving Money on Printers in Las Vegas

Secrets to Saving Money on Printers in Las Vegas

Saving money on printers is a satisfying reward for Las Vegas businesses, consumers and entrepreneurs alike. Although printers are relatively more affordable now than they have ever been, buying a new printer can still be quite a hefty expense.


Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make buying your next printer cheap or to lower the cost of ownership for a printer. Here are just five of our top money-saving suggestions:

Want to Start Saving Money on a Printer? Buy Used

So many people buy a printer for their child, spouse or home office only to see the device barely used. You can search sites like Craigslist or even poll your friends on Facebook to see if someone has a neglected printer they are willing to get rid of. Chances are good that it will be cheap — perhaps even free — if you are willing to go pick it up.


Even businesses in search of discount used printers can find some of the most recent models in good repair if they know where to look. Companies like the Midwest Copier Exchange often have fair prices on gently used, business-grade equipment.


Get an Automatic Duplex Printer

Being able to print something double-sided cuts the amount of paper you use in half. Even though most printers have this function, few people use it because they have to babysit the feed tray and re-feed the paper back through.


With an automatic duplex printing function, you save paper with next to no added effort, greatly encouraging yourself and others to cut costs.


Run Office Educational Campaigns

If you work in an office or a group setting, then it often takes consistent goading to get fellow employees to change their printing habits. However, if you keep delivering consistent messages and give them a meter of their progress, conservation will eventually sink in.


Try delivering a quick presentation on print job reduction strategies and accompanying it with signs around the office saying something like: “Do you really need to print that?” You can also track the number of pages printed per week, helping the group know if they have done better or worse over time.


Buy Las Vegas Printer Cartridge Replacements from a Service Rather Than Retail

It’s a well-known secret that the profit margins on replacement toner and inkjet cartridges can be quite handsome for retailers and device manufacturers alike. The only way to get around this market monopoly is to entrust companies that let you buy replacement printer cartridges in Las Vegas directly and enjoy the cost advantages you earn.


Get a Printer Maintenance Program

Service calls are costly and can often result in lengthy repair delays. With a printer maintenance plan, you can enjoy fewer breakdowns, reduce downtime and pay lower operating costs for your printers overall. Since no one likes performing activities like cleaning toner heads, a monthly or weekly printer maintenance service prevents small problems from becoming big ones through their ongoing diligence.


You can sign your business or organization up for a Las Vegas printer maintenance program today to start enjoying more reliable printers while saving.


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