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The 5 Most Popular Printing Techniques for Business Cards

The 5 Most Popular Printing Techniques for Business Cards

Do you want to create your business cards, but realize there are too many options to choose from? To help make your process easier, we found the top 5 types of printing techniques for business cards so your design process can be easier and you can finally get the perfect cards that are not only professional, but still fit your business style.

1. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting printing has become extremely popular now a days to make sure business cards are standing out in a good way. It is another printing process which is to cut the materials through with the help of laser. It is a remarkable way to make business cards in regards to the taste of the client and who their target market is, this style of card could be a hit.

2. Embossing / Debossing – Letterpress

The technique of Embossing has become a hit in the past few years. The technique of applying heat is generally pressed into the card, in this process there is no use of foil or any ink. It gives your business card a unique dense texture that will have many clients remembering your company just by feeling your card. You also have the option of Debossing; this process rather, is the reverse technique of Embossing. It will give your business cards the same effect, but the card material is actually pressed rather than pushing out. It gives your customers a visual 3D effect.

3. Varnish / Spot UV

This is a more common printing technique to business card that allows clients to keep the simplicity in their designs but still be able to stand out.  This style of card has more of a glossy effect on the business card so it doesn’t necessarily look plain. With varnish, you will have a matte coating on the card that keeps the card’s durability and protects it with shiny coat on top. This technique allows the design of the business card to be enhanced but still simple in design. With Spot UV, only certain parts/zones of the business cards are made to appear richer and glossier which gives your cards more of a pop. Again, this style of printing is very simple but definitely still allows uniqueness.

4. Foil Printing

Foil is another form of printing that gives your cards that extra pa-razz and shine. Your card will have a colored foil is pressed into the card paper with a heated giving your card a very elegant feel. This technique is best used on logos and typography to enhance its look.

5. Matt / Shine – Glossy Laminated

Last but not least, matte lamination simple BUT provides a very good protective layer to the business cards. This technique of printing is conservative and more formal. This would be for businesses that need to adhere to a more strict style of card.  On the other hand, for clients who still want their cards to stick out tastefully can choose the glossy lamination which is softer, water-resistant and silky.

No matter which technique you decide to go with, you can contact to help you determine the best printing technique for your business cards.

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