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The Best Ways to Use Printing Services to Grow Your Business

The Best Ways to Use Printing Services to Grow Your Business

With how many marketing tactics are in use today, it might seem overwhelming to figure out the best way to grow your business. Cost-effectiveness is always key in any marketing or awareness campaign, and one of the most affordable ways to promote your company is through the use of printing services. Several creative, fun ways to leave an impression on potential clients are available right through the use of your home or office equipment! Stepping outside the box, and using printing services in unique ways will make your marketing campaign stand out.

Did you know your home printer can create things like index cards and bookmarks? Pre-cut paper is available at nearly any print supply shop and can be a game changer when it comes to creating affordable business materials. One of the most innovative approaches we’ve seen lately is creating something a client will use. Consider going with a classic (and cheap!) giveaway, such as a bookmark. To create one, all you need is to pick up some paper, enter the format code on the packaging into Word, and design to your heart’s content! Once you have the design to your liking, put the paper into your printer and run off your new marketing materials. Leave copies in local coffee shops or libraries to attract people who are inclined to use them, and you’ll see new customers rolling in.

Business cards are long at the heart of a company’s branding, but there are so many floating around in the world you need to make yours truly stand out. Fortunately, printing business cards have never been easier. Design templates available online for download make creating a stunning masterpiece a breeze, and you can take the finished artwork to a local printer and have them create a die cut which prints your card in a custom shape. Think outside the box for this! Some examples of a great die cut would be a coffee shop which has their business card in the shape of a to-go cup, or a sports supply store carving out a small golf club on the inside of each card. Modern printing techniques make this marketing tactic as easy as 1-2-3 and is barely an added cost compared to traditional rectangular cards.

For large format items, such as a poster, you may need to resort to the help of a professional. You still have complete control over what you put out there, so use the available local printing services to your full advantage. There are design templates available, or you can purchase software to make stunning, full-color printed materials. Using a design program for large format pieces can lend a personal touch to your collateral and choosing a specialty paper with raised embossing or foil stamps will be an elegant attention-grabber in your lobby or hallways.

Some of the most impactful ways to use printing services to grow your business are the smallest ones. A statement piece such as a beautiful letterhead printed right in your office on textured paper will provide your business some intense credibility with clients. Stickers which you run off your home printer can give you endless marketing opportunities, as people plaster them around town and do your work for you. Fancy business cards won’t make a difference if you don’t network, but a custom decal with creative color usage could draw in unexpected business. Whatever your goals, printing services can help you, and we’ve got just the equipment and materials you need to make it happen! Contact Vegas Ink and Toner today.

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