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Three Ways to Save Money and the Environment When Using Your Printer

Three Ways to Save Money and the Environment When Using Your Printer

Printing demands in today’s age often require the consumption of large volumes of ink and paper, and over time, you can leave a pretty big carbon footprint and not even know it. When considering the many benefits of actually going green, however, this fact doesn’t make much sense.

Not only do eco-friendly practices save your home or business from unnecessary expenses, they also make you look better, especially in the eyes of potential consumers. People want to feel good about their impact on the earth, so focusing on environmental measures will definitely give you the edge over other competitors in the marketplace.

The following three tips from Vegas Ink and Toner are easy ways you can start saving some money while protecting the economy with eco-friendly printing and more.

Try Digital Faxing

Whether using a fax machine or multifunctional printer, you can save yourself a whole lot of money by cutting out faxing expenses altogether. Instead, use a digital faxing option through your computer or workstation. Better yet, you can use a scanner and email to send and receive important messages and documents.

By doing this, you’re cutting out a lot of your major paper consumption costs without any noticeable drawbacks. Even if you’re worried about losing access to your documents, rest assured that most digital fax options automatically archive incoming and outbound documents, so you’ll never have to worry.

Only Print What’s Necessary

As with faxing, you should always try to cut out physical printing in favor of digital means like email. By only printing the most important documents, you’ll be saving yourself big money on paper and, especially, ink cartridge costs.

It’s particularly important to note that most ink cartridges are typically plastic and can create a lot of environmental waste when not recycled properly. It’s recommended, therefore, that you hold onto your old ink cartridges and recycle them at local outlets.

If You Are Going to Print, Use Both Sides of the Page

Sometimes, there’s no way around printing a document, but that still doesn’t mean you should just print indiscriminately. You can cut your paper consumption costs in half by changing your printer settings to double-sided printing. Doing this is guaranteed to not just lower your personal office supply costs but also help to drive down the worldwide demand of paper, which destroys major wildlife habitats around the globe.

How Can Vegas Ink and Toner Help You with Eco-Friendly Printing?

Vegas Ink and Toner believes wholeheartedly in providing you the best in printing quality at the lowest costs available and without the carbon footprint found in many other similar businesses that don’t provide eco-friendly printing and other services.

We’re particularly careful with our ink cartridges, having made huge strides already in reducing the number of pollutants ending up in landfills, but if we’re going to solve this increasingly serious problem, we will all need to work together. Hopefully, you’re serious about changing your business and office practices to be more environmentally friendly. Considering the many benefits of recycling, it just doesn’t make much sense why not.

To find out more about our commitment to the environment, we invite you to read up on our many green initiatives. For all other questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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