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Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions

Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions


People most commonly make New Year’s Resolutions out of obligation and with a certain amount of begrudgement. We, alternatively, think that resolutions should be an exciting way to bring in the New Year. If you’re wondering what kind of goals to set for yourself this year, consider these top five New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Take That Trip You’ve Always Wanted


Whether it’s a cross country road trip or a cozy trip to some nearby mountains, set a resolution this year to finally take the trip you’ve always wanted. Whisk yourself away to a far away country on a solo trip for some quality “me time.” Or gather your best buds for the adventure of a lifetime. Start getting your finances in order early on, and begin planning the trip of your dreams.


2. Try a New Dish


Perhaps it’s a dish you’ve been dying to indulge yourself in at a fancy restaurant. Maybe it’s an exotic order from an international restaurant you’ve been hesitant to try. Or, possibly it’s even a recipe that you’ve been wanting to attempt yourself at home. No matter what it is, gather your wits this year and go for it.


3. Read a Book


I know, I know. Read a book? Really? Well, yes. Think about it — when was the last time you really sat down and started reading, and then finished reading, a book? Do some research on a book you think you’d enjoy, and read it in its entirety this year.


For some of us, reading is a regular activity we enjoy. If that’s the case, try setting a goal for yourself this year to read one book a month, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even exceed your goal.


4. Volunteer Your Time


Take some time this year to dedicate your time to others in need. Volunteer at an animal shelter providing attention and care for homeless pets. Offer your services at a local food pantry or soup kitchen. Get outdoors and dedicate some of your time to cleaning up our environment. There are dozens of volunteer opportunities out there, so go make a difference in someone’s life this year.

5. Find a Hobby


Many of us probably aren’t really sure what to do with our down time, which is why we end up binge-watching 20 episodes of our favorite TV show or staying in bed all day. While these activities aren’t necessarily poor uses of our time, there’s a chance that we could find even more enjoyable ways to spend our off days. You owe it to yourself this year to find an activity that you truly enjoy.


Try spending more time outdoors. Maybe you’ll discover that you love hiking, kayaking or bird-watching. Join a club or team and let some of your energy out through martial arts, dancing or ultimate frisbee. Or if you’re prone to melting in the sunlight, stay indoors and join a chess club, give knitting a whirl or try your hand at painting.


6. Take Green Initiatives

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