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Ultimate Guide to What File Types and Printing

Ultimate Guide to What File Types and Printing

If you find yourself constantly asking what file type to use for the best printing, you are not alone. Many business owners, just like you, are curious whether a single file type is best for every application. However, the file type depends on the specific job you’re trying to execute. For example, text documents should not be printed as graphics, while PDF files have many uses. Read this ultimate guide on printing files and getting the most out of your printer. 

Convert Word Document to PDF Using Print

PDF documents allow you to retain formatting across platforms, and converting a Word document to PDF is a breeze. With its smaller file size and industry-standard format, A PDF will look the same on most computers. Therefore, PDFs are a solid option for legal documents, newsletters, resumes, and other files intended for reading rather than editing.

In Word, there is a built-in automatic PDF converter. Choose the File tab, and click Save As. Then, in the drop-down menu of file types, select PDF. Lastly, click Save. Additionally, if you want to customize your PDF, select More Options > Options. This process will allow you to choose standards like PDF/A, embed fonts, and use other features. For more information, visit Microsoft support.

Tips and Tricks for Printing Excel Files

Printing an Excel file might be tricky. Take it step-by-step. First, preview your worksheet with the Print Preview function to see what will print. Next, print only the data you want by choosing Print Entire Workbook, Print Active Sheets, or Print Selection to pick specific areas of data.

Make the most of your space by manipulating page orientation, margins, and custom scaling. You can also include a header row on each page for clarity using the Print Titles command and input page breaks so that your pages cut off right where you want them to.

Tips for Converting .exr File to PDF for Printing a Poster

A .exr file is an open-source raster image format that offers high dynamic range (HDR) quality with multiple layers, lossless compression, and 16- or 32-bit pixels. Programs that open and potentially convert .exr files to PDF include Serif Affinity Photo, Apple Preview, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, GIMP, and MacPhun ColorStrokes.

Photoshop even includes a free extension that allows reading and writing .exr files. First, install the extension and then open and save from the File menu. Apple Preview has native support for this format; go to the File menu, and use the Export option. Fortunately, most other programs also have similar procedures for this easy conversion.

Troubleshooting What File for Printing

If this overview doesn’t help and basic troubleshooting fails, you might have a maintenance problem with your printer hardware or software. Vegas Ink and Toner help by checking out your equipment and getting you on a maintenance program to extend your printer’s life, keeping your quality top-notch. For more information or to get started, contact Vegas Ink and Toner or give us a call today!

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