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Undeniable Signs of a Dying Printer

Undeniable Signs of a Dying Printer

It happens to everyone. You’re printing an all-important paper, document, or presentation when suddenly something goes wrong. There is a dreaded white line down the center of the page, rainbow-colored smudges, or even a frustrating jam. Whatever it is, learn how to fix it fast! Discover undeniable signs of a dying printer, how long printers last, and where you can go for the best help in getting a new one.


How Long Do Printers Last?

A printer’s lifespan is mainly dependent on how heavily it’s used and what kind of maintenance it gets. If you use your printer for very light printing and clean it regularly, it can last quite a few years. The lifespan of ink cartridges or a toner drum (in a laser printer) is measured by pages, not time. This means it comes down to how much and how often you print.


However, it’s worth noting that ink cartridges also dry up or become clogged if they’re not used very often. You may find yourself unable to print a few pages if it has been a long time since you fired up the device.

Inkjet printers usually offer higher-quality graphics and sharper colors than color laser printers. Laser printers, on the other hand, stand up to heavy use much better than inkjet printers.


Signs of a Dying Printer

Many times when your print quality decreases, the problem can be solved by simply changing the print cartridge or giving it a good cleaning. There are, however, some signs that your printer is beyond help.


Signs of a dying printer include: 

  • Print blemishes after inserting a new cartridge 
  • Slow print times
  • Abnormal noises
  • Paper jams and ripped paper

These are signs that something is wrong. Printers use rollers and belts that depend on tension. When these wear out, they can be expensive to replace.


Why Investing in a Printer Is Important


If your printer is old, it might be time to switch to a better option on the market. Even in a digital world, it’s likely that your work depends on the ability to print things off when you need them. Having a reliable printer can be the difference between a smooth operation and a complete halt in business. If you’d like more advice, contact Vegas Ink and Toner or give us a call today!

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