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Valentine’s Day: Create Your Own Printable Cards

Valentine’s Day: Create Your Own Printable Cards

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive for it to be meaningful! The simplest time-honored traditions are often the best; giving Valentine’s Day cards is no exception. Believed to have been started by St. Valentine himself as a final farewell to his beloved, V-Day cards are a symbol of your affection to family and friends. Whether you like punny cards that tickle your partner’s funny bone or sweet cards evoking romantic imagery, giving a Valentine’s Day card is a way to flex your creative muscles and show your romantic side in one fell swoop. There’s a printable card template for almost every style imaginable online, or you can make your own with basic design methods. Most home printing equipment is fully capable of handling perforated cardstock, but the classic print-and-fold technique is nothing to scoff at. This Valentine’s Day create your own printable cards for all your loved ones!


Romantic or cute: which suits your Valentine’s mood?

First, think about who will be receiving the card. If it’s your partner, are they more humorous or romantic? A funny husband will love a card that has an owl on the front proclaiming ‘owl always love you’. This same card won’t strike well with a serious partner, who may prefer something akin to a picture collage of important moments in your lives together. If you’re designing for a partner, put their personality into the printable card. By tailoring the card to a particular person, you can then choose what images or graphics to place on the printable card. Using a site such as Canva will allow you to create a custom collage, download to a PDF, and print right at home!


Printable cards for kids means throwing away the craft glue

Begone, zigzag scissors! Never return, mini pots of glitter! What was once one of the most irritating (and messy!) times of the year for crafty moms has become a breeze. Your home printer is able to take the creation of Valentine’s Day cards from stressful to the simplest thing you’ll do all day. It’s now common for kids to be required to provide a card for everyone in their class, so keeping kids’ cards simple is key to avoiding headaches. A singular design relative to your child’s interests is best. Printable cards can range anywhere from a bee graphic (‘bee mine’) to select dinosaurs on the front. Creating a printable card can become a bonding moment where you sit down at the computer with your little one and let them pick out what theme they want. Once you click print, the only thing left to do is fold; little hands can handle the final step on their own just fine!


Paper and ink are the basics of printable cards

Design is obviously key when it comes to having a beautiful Valentine’s Day printable card, but there’s no point in a beautiful design if the paper it’s printed on is flimsy. In order to get the most out of your printable card, you will want to use high-quality paper and ink. The ink or toner you’re using should not be on its last legs; often when cartridges are running low, the quality suffers. Switch out your cartridge for a newer one to avoid streaky lines or bleeding colors. For paper, opt for heavier weight (thicker) cardstock. It doesn’t need to be perforated but we do recommend specialty paper for that ‘custom’ look associated with Valentine’s Day cards. Discuss your project needs with your print supply company to ensure you’re working with the best supplies for your project. For help with your next big printing project contact Vegas Ink and Toner.

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