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What are Some Eco-Friendly Printing Products?

What are Some Eco-Friendly Printing Products?

Electronic waste has become a very prevalent issue in the last decade. There are tons of discarded electronics, from tiny keyboard pieces to enormous industrial technology, clogging the ecosystem. While the problem looms large, it’s not too late to do anything about it. We can still make a positive change in the environment by being cognizant of our impact and minimizing our waste. One of the unnoticed ways we contribute to landfills is through our printer cartridges. There’s a myth that recycled cartridges don’t work as well, and we’re happy to bust that myth. We promote cost-efficient, eco-friendly products so you can feel good about every purchase.


Why Not Just Purchase New Cartridges Every Time?

Before you can understand what makes a recycled printer cartridge an eco-friendly product, you have to understand the impact a brand new cartridge has. It takes about three pounds of raw materials to produce a brand-new cartridge. That cartridge is made up of plastic components that take thousands of years to break down in a landfill. As those plastics break down, they leak carcinogenic materials into both the land and air. The only way to get rid of them, besides recycling, is either to let them pile up and waste away over the next ten centuries or to incinerate them. Burning plastic releases toxic fumes causes cancer and other deadly illnesses. You may think, “I only use one or two cartridges every few months, so it can’t be that impactful.” Combine how many individuals and companies churn through printing materials and you end up with the horrifying number of 375 million cartridges being dumped every single year.


An Eco-Friendly Printing Product Alternative

The good news is there’s an alternative: recycled printer cartridges! The recycling process takes a gently used cartridge and cleans it. The cartridge is then refilled, relabelled, and put back out for another round of beautiful printing! You save three pounds of raw materials for every time the cartridge is recycled. Most printer cartridges can be recycled at least three or four times, making a big difference in the amount of plastic produced over time. The CO2 emissions created during production are reduced by about 2.5x for every recycled cartridge versus a new printer cartridge. You can see why this is an eco-friendly alternative, but it gets even better!


Better for the Environment and Your Wallet

Eco-friendly printing products are not just better for the environment, with their lower material and emission requirements, but they’re also cheaper for the end-user. It costs you nothing to recycle your old printer cartridges; just bring them into Vegas Ink & Toner or hand them back during your routine printer service! We never throw away a cartridge, so yours will always be used again in an eco-friendly manner. We guarantee the same quality printing in a recycled cartridge as one fresh out of the box, so there’s no sacrifice to your printed materials. Best of all, the cost of a recycled cartridge is about 30 – 50% lower than new!


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