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What If Your Printer Was Portable?

What If Your Printer Was Portable?

Is your printer portable? Your home and business printers are probably not portable, but as technology advances, so does the quality of the portable printer. We are always looking into these portable printers to see how the quality fairs and how much they can handle. Check out guidelines for a portable printer system, and learn how to determine the best portable printer for you.

What Is a Portable Printer?

A portable printer is intended to be mobile — a printer you can take with you. With this equipment, you can now print papers, pictures, and documents as needed without finding the nearest print shop or going home. 

Portable printers can be inkjets, laser printers, or all-in-ones, just like regular printers. With fast printing results, a portable printer provides function and convenience with minimal setup and boot time. It’s generally wireless and connects to your device via Bluetooth.

Pros of Printer Portable Systems

If you have smart devices, you should be able to connect to your portable printer at any point, making them accessible. Accessibility is consequential for many, such as those who travel for work or students for school. 

To piggyback off of accessibility, speed is another benefit. A portable printer sets up fast and prints quickly. For those with immediate and transportable needs, mobile printers make a great asset for you.

Some picture-only options exist. If you only need a way to print small photos, this could be a solution to the bulky size of a portable printer made to produce standard copies. 

Portable Printer Cons

There are cons to portable printer devices. Though lighter and less bulky than standard printers, they still have some size. Some find them to be less than portable, despite their name. With this said, it is astonishing how far portable printers have come.

If you need a document with high-resolution images, a portable printer might not work. You sacrifice sharpness and resolution in the name of portability and speed. While their quality isn’t the same as their full-sized cousins, it is improving. As a rule, they also cost more than their larger counterparts, though you can find inexpensive models.

Are Portable Printers Worth It?

Portable printers are becoming wildly popular because of their sheer utility. Consider your personal needs to help guide your choice when purchasing a printer. If you’re looking for the convenience of a portable printer and are wondering what the best one to buy is, we can help. To get your printer, contact Vegas Ink and Toner or give us a call today!

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