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What Makes Toner So Expensive?

What Makes Toner So Expensive?

A printer is a unique piece of office equipment. Very rarely does your phone, laptop, or fax machine need to have new parts added to it. A printer, on the other hand, needs brand-new ink or toner cartridges installed regularly. Depending on how much you print and this can get expensive! Who among us isn’t looking to save a little extra money? From college students to professional companies, saving money on toner can make a big difference in your bottom line. To know how you can save, you must first need to know how much you spend. Our team of experts at Vegas Ink & Toner got the breakdown on what toner costs!

What Makes Toner So Expensive

Toner is expensive because it is labor-intensive. The mold for the cartridge needs to fit your printer and made correctly, so it doesn’t leak, ruining the device. A cartridge is created by durable composite to very exact specifications. Toner itself is a ground powder comprising proprietary materials; sourcing these materials can be challenging, driving up the cost. The research which goes into creating safe, affordable toner cartridges gets factored into consideration along with shipping the cartridge to a print supply store near you. A lot of thought and care has gone into your toner cartridge by the time it makes it to your office!

Ink Versus Toner: Which Is More Cost-Effective?

Our team gets asked a lot: which is cheaper, ink or toner? Both have their unique specification, which can drive the cost either up or down. Inkjet printers (that use ink, not toner) are cheaper to purchase as a unit. Where it gets expensive is the replacement ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are much more pricey than toner because the quality produced by inkjet printers is usually so high the machine needs to use a lot more ink to form the image. For a photographer, each printed piece becomes rich and vibrant. A company that uses ink to print large quantities of black and white documents is wasting money because toner is more cost-effective per page than ink.

Get the Biggest Toner Bang for Your Buck

Now you know how toner works, why cartridges are so pricy, and what their advantage is over ink cartridges, but you may still be asking yourself how much does toner cost. The answer varies! Depending on which print supply company you go with, you may be able to save by enrolling in a toner cartridge recycling program. This program has the added benefit of being sustainable. Toner cartridges can range from about $20+, but depending on how often you need to replace them, you could qualify for a repeat customer program. Discuss your needs with the trusted team at Vegas Ink and Toner to find out where you can save!


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