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What to Do When Your Printer Doesn’t Print

What to Do When Your Printer Doesn’t Print

You’ve just finished an all-important paper or presentation. You hit print and wait but your printer refuses to spit out a document. Nothing is more frustrating! Check out some reasons for why this happens and discover ways you can address the problem.

Common Reasons Why Printers Don’t Print

There are many reasons why printers won’t print. Sometimes the printer tells you what the problem is. Other times, you have to investigate.

Common reasons your printer may fail to print include:

  • Not selecting the right printer
  • Misadjusted document settings in your software
  • Paper jams
  • Low ink
  • A faulty connection and/or technical issues


Are You Printing to the Correct Printer?

Always address the easy problems first before you start diving into technical issues. If your printer is not flashing an error light, check the queue on your computer to be sure you are printing to the right one. In most printers, there should be a small printer icon you can click on. Once opened, it can show you information about current print jobs, including the printer you’ve chosen. If it’s wrong, cancel the job. If it’s right, check for other possible issues.

Check Your Software Document Settings

Different software packages have different settings for printing documents. If set incorrectly, it can stop your printing job. For example, in a spreadsheet, you may need to select the specific cells you want to print to prevent your printer from spitting out blank pages. Double-check your print job settings in your word processing, graphics, presentation, or spreadsheet program to be sure. Most programs have a “print preview” function that will let you see what you’ll print beforehand.


Check for Paper Jams

If you have a paper jam, your printer will usually flash an error light and tell you where the jam is. Many modern printers even guide you through clearing the jam step by step. It’s not a difficult process, but it can take some patience to clear a jam. You’ll need to check all the access points and pull out any paper stuck. Be careful and thorough because every little scrap can create problems.


Check Your Ink Supply

If you’re out of one or more ink colors, your printer will usually flash an error light and let you know. Your computer might also give you an indication. If you’re out of ink, simply pop out the old cartridge and pop in a new one.


Check for Connection and Technical Issues

Finally, if all else fails, check to be sure your printer is properly connected either wired or wirelessly to the internet. If it’s not connected, address any connection problems to get it back up and running. You may need to use a troubleshooting tutor on your computer or printer to do this.

If you’re still dealing with technical issues and on-hand troubleshooting isn’t helping, you may need to call an expert. For advice and help, contact Vegas Ink and Toner or give us a call today!

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