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Why Printer Maintenance Beats Paying for a New Printer

Why Printer Maintenance Beats Paying for a New Printer

Owning a printer has become an essential part of modern adulthood, and knowing how to care for it through proper printer maintenance can extend the life of your printer exponentially. Printer Maintenance is actually much simpler than it is for other pieces of tech, and rarely requires a professional to properly handle non-critical issues While tech is ever-changing and it might be tempting to purchase the latest and greatest of office equipment. You can save major money by maintaining your current printer instead of paying for a new one each time a ritzier model hits the shelves. We want to help you keep your cash in your wallet, so we’ve got some printer maintenance tips to extend its shelf life.


Your printer should be treated much the same as your office computer. You regularly clean your keyboard and monitor with a can of compressed air, but can you think of the last time you did so for your printer? Cleaning the interior of a printer is easier than you think; most components which require cleaning are easily accessible by opening a few panels. No screwdrivers are needed to access the print head, interior parts, and screen. The only part which requires a little extra care is the print head. To clean it, you’ll pull out the cartridges and place them with the ink side facing up on a clean paper towel. The print head usually has a small latch, which you can pull to free it and then run the entire mechanism under fresh warm water. Do not use a q-tip, damp tissue or paper towel, or anything which could spill fibers into the crevices of the device. Once it’s completely dry, pop it back in and reinstall your cartridges. Nearly everything else in the printer can be cleaned gently using a damp microfiber towel or compressed air.

Quality Ink and Toner

Printer maintenance starts with cleaning, but what you’re running through it during the printing process matters just as much. Sometimes maintenance is more of a preventative measure than you think, and making sure you’re using high-quality ink cartridges is a great first step. While some people might want to save money by opting for a lower-quality or bargain bin ink cartridge, they’re actually hurting their printer more in the long run. Buying a whole new piece of equipment is more expensive than shelling out an extra $5 for a cartridge, so choose the better quality from the get-go. What makes this matter is the construction of a high-quality cartridge and the materials which go into the ink or toner. Ink and toner both can be made up of different materials and still accomplish the same thing, but often cheaper companies will use fillers which build up inside your printer and slowly clog it. After a while of using these cheaper options, you’ll find your printer just doesn’t run the same – or at all.

Turn it Off

If you don’t use your printer frequently, give it a rest and turn it off during non-use. Believe it or not, your printer continues to use electricity when it’s left on, generating a lot of heat and slowly damaging the components. By turning it off during slow periods, you save it unnecessary damage and extend its lifespan.

Latest Updates

The last thing you can do for printer maintenance is the easiest part: making sure you’re up to date on software and actually using your printer wisely. Now that printers come equipped with wireless technology, variable modes, and even artificial intelligence, they need to be routinely updated, just as your phone does. Updating drivers as needed allows your printer to function to the manufacturer’s specifications, and saves you from a breakdown later down the road. Have any questions, or feeling overwhelmed? We offer full-service maintenance programs to help you and your equipment out. Contact Vegas Ink and Toner at 702-850-7703 for immediate assistance.

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